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Will Vishy Anand son Akil will become World champion?An astrological analysis

Vishwanathan Anand is one of the greatest chess player .He has beaten the Gelfand recently to defend his world championship title.Lets analyze his son Akil's Horoscope.

Akil was born on Apr9,2011 in chennai.Raising Lagna is Mesha .Lord of Lagna Mars is in 12th from the lagna and 11th from moon.Moon is in the exaltation sign and Guru is in the own sign.

Does his horoscope is showing that he is rich ?

  • Moon gets exaltation in the second house which indicates the money.
  • Lord of Second house venus is in 11th house (House of gains)
  • Dhana karaka Guru is in his own house 
These three factor indicates that he will be rich

Vipareeta Raja yogas in this chart 

 If 6th or 8th or 12th lord is in any of these places it is called as vipareeta raja yoga

1.Mercury as 3rd and 6th lord is in 12th
2.Mars as 8th lord is in 12th
3.Guru as 12th lord is in 12th

Neecha Banga Yogas : 

Mercury is in neecha.But the dispositor Guru is in own house.
Though this is not much effective as venus and mercury in pisces.
There will be a transfer of power from guru to mercury due to conjuction
  • Venus is the planet which gets exalted in pisces.He is in kendra to moon
  • Mercury will get exalted in virgo .Lord of the house is mercury itself.He is not in kendra to lagna or moon
  • Lords of debilitation and exaltation of mercury is Guru and mercury.Both are in mutual kendras
  • Dispositor guru is not in kendra to lagna or moon
out of 4 factors ,mercury get neecha banga by 2 factors

 As mercury is in 12th house he may not be a great scholar but he will speak intelligently because budhadya yoga is getting formed.Though sun and mercury combination is very normal ,Mercury is very close to the sun in this horoscope

 So far we discussed positive factors and Yogas.Now we will analyze negative factors .
Lord of Lagna,9th lord and 5th lord  are in the 12th house .
Those are aspected by saturn which is 10th and 11th lord.Remember - Saturn is a malefic for mesha lagna.
A satisfying factor here is there is a relation between kendra and kona lord which is good  .But as it involves 6th and 12th houses ,it will reduce the benefic effects of yogas.
saturn as 10th lord is in the house of diseases which is not good and also he is natural malefic 
Guru managala yoga due to conjuction of guru and mars happens in 12th house.That also will reduce the effect of yoga benefits

9th lord and 10th lord are in mutual aspect which is good
Though guru is in his own house in rasi chakra.In amsa he is debility.That is another big disadvantage

Dasa Bukti :

He is going through Mars dasa and saturn Bukti Now.Rahu dasa will commence from 2017 at the age of 6.
Rahu is karaka for Sports.So he will definitely will be pulled to chess and will play in tournaments during rahu dasa .Rahu is in the 9th and he will act like Guru as he is in the house of guru.Guru is a great benefic for mesha lagna.Considering dhana yogas in the chart he will earn much by playing chess during the rahu dasa .But there are many disadvantages in the chart.Lord of lagna is not strong and 9th lord is in 12th.10 and 11th lord is in 6th .So he has to struggle a lot to get any victory.Though he earns money through chess,he will not become a world champion

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